Ne-vinovatia / Innocence (un-guilty)

Sunt vinovata ca traiesc in soapta

Si freamate pe cai de vis ma poarta.

Sunt vinovata ca privesc spre stele

Si ma cufund aievea printre ele.

Sunt vinovata ca de-apune soarele,

Imi sunt prea-ntunecate noptile.

Sunt vinovata de sarutul pe ascuns,

De departe, de simtirea mea adus,

Ce-n inima de mult s-a cuibarit

Si-n mintea mea ramane nerostit.

Sunt vinovata ca in clipa cea mai grea

Eu tac, tu taci de-asemenea.

Sunt vinovata ca iubesc intruna

Si soarele, si florile, si luna…

Sunt vinovata ca, de-as suferi continuu,

Tot as iubi, caci imi iubesc destinul.


I’m guilty for living in a whisper

And murmur carries me on ways to dream.

I’m guilty for looking to the stars

And I plunge among them.

I’m guilty that if the sun sets,

For me nights are too dark .

I am guilty of the kiss secretly,

By far, by my feelings brought,

That in the heart has more nesting

And in my mind remains unspoken.

I am guilty that in the worst moment

I am quiet, you also shut up.

I’m guilty for loving continuous

The sun, and flowers, and the moon …

I’m guilty that, if I  perpetual suffer

I would still love, because I love my destiny.

E. N. Calinescu

8 thoughts on “Ne-vinovatia / Innocence (un-guilty)

  1. Natycalenescu, I wish I could read Romanian! I can get only a SENSE of your thoughts in these poems, as translated by Google, but that is all. Best wishes to you as you continue to write! And, thank you for liking some of my posts – that is a happy thing for me.
    God bless you!


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