Versuri rătăcite/ Lyrics stray

Glumește în iubire,

Dar nu iubi in glumă,

Că viața nu acceptă

Asemenea minciună.

Și-ți umple existența,

Cu doza de venin

Și nici măcar prin moarte

Nu vei scăpa de chin.

Lyrics stray

Do jokes in love,

But do not love in joke,

Because life does not accept

Such a lie.

And fills your existence

With dose  of venom

And even in death

You don’t get rid of pain.

E.N. Călinescu


17 gânduri despre „Versuri rătăcite/ Lyrics stray

  1. Natalia,
    I would like to continue reading your poetry, without you having to translate it. My Google Chrome has stopped offering to translate web-posts for me. I don’t why this happened, or how to fix this. I’ll try to learn how to fix this as soon as I can.
    Thank you for following my blog, and supporting me as I write!
    God bless you as you write your poetry!


  2. Imi permiti sa preiau aceasta creatie si sa o postez la widgets pe blogul meu ? Bineinteles insotita de numele autorului si link spre sursa poeziei.


  3. Your play on the word ‘joke’ is very good, Natalia! To joke about love is to pretend to love, to say it was all just a ‘joke’, a game. This is a terrible lie, which hurts others lastingly; as you said:

    „And even in death
    You don’t get rid of pain.”

    Thank you for giving us your words in a second language! Translating is an art in itself.



    • You’re welcome, Maria! It’s a pleasure for me to translate. I see that you understood the poetic idea and I am glad. I hope my translation is always right and clear. I have to translate two more poems and I’ll do that very soon. Thank you for your visits, like and comments!


      • You’re welcome, Natalia! Poetry is a wonderful art form that communicates so much, and different languages have a different feeling to them, I believe. So it’s difficult, but I totally see what you’re saying about harming by saying that love was only „a joke”.
        Thank you for stopping by my site and reading my poems, and looking at the pictures! Thank you very much!


      • I like what you write, so it’s a pleasure for me to visit you. I think that the feelings are the same for all people, just the words for express them are different. 🙂 I wish you to have great ideas for your writings.


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